J100 Mini-Jib with Tripod and Spreader Dolly

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J100 Mini-Jib with Tripod and Spreader Dolly



  • Self-Contained Jib Kit
  • J100 Parallax Control Jib Arm
  • 3-5kg Payload
  • GA752 Tripod Legs
  • 7004 Wheeled Dolly


Total Arm length: 210cm

Arm length from base to camera: 78-123cm

Working height range (minimum to maximum): 160cm



The J100 jib arm is designed for shooters that require professional but portable jib solution. It is made of 8 layers pure carbon fiber material and with telescoping tubes. It features fluid damping system , which make the movement both in pan and tilt extremely smoothly.Unique struction design provides functions like “always focus-on subject “and” fine-adjust in tilt”.  Extra more plates provides multi-shooting models.


With this E-Image J100 Jib with Tripod and Dolly kit, you can accomplish smooth complex camera movements. The E-Image J100 jib can support payloads from 8 to 15 pounds, perfect for a small camera rig atop a 75mm fluid head. It has real-time adjustment of tilt and a flexible parallax adjustment. Using the included GA752 tripod legs and 7004C dolly, also from E-Image, the jib can be trucked in tandem with jib movement across even flooring, or locked down for classic crane shots. Having the dolly is convenient for moving the jib between shots as well. Carrying cases for the jib and tripod are included, as are three 5.5 pound weights for balancing the jib.

  • The Parallax Control Fluid Drag Jib Kit from E-Image features a standard payload of 8 lb, and maximum payload of 15 lb when the weight is properly balanced and calibrated. It has a minimum extension of 30.75″, and a maximum extension of 48.5″ from the fulcrum. You can easily adjust the tilt angle from the base of the jib with mechanical tilt controls and tilt measurement marks located at the resistance cuff. You can change the camera’s point of focus by adjusting the parallax settings at the base of the tilt arm.

    0-3 stages of fluid drag on both pan and tilt axes
    Markings on tilt arm notate tilt position
    Tension cuff adds manual tilt resistance
    Multiple camera mounting styles with reversible mounting plate
    Multiple accessory mounting points
    Uses industry standard 3″ ball/bowl system
    Mechanical real-time control of camera tilt via lever at jib fulcrum
    Includes custom jib arm carrying case
  • 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs with 75mm Bowl

    With a maximum height of over five feet and a minimum height of just over two feet, this set of 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs with 75mm Bowl from E-Image provides a stable platform for your 75mm fluid head and features a two-stage / three-section design. The aluminum legs incorporate E-Image’s Mono-Lock design that allows you to adjust the leg height using the one locking lever at the top of the each legs.

    The legs support up to 88 pounds of head, camera, and accessories, while extending to over five feet in height, with a minimum height of just over two feet. The aluminum alloy construction provides you with a balance of strength and durability and is a lower cost option to carbon fiber legs. The legs feature a removable, adjustable, mid-level spreader that allows you to set up the legs on uneven surfaces. The legs also incorporate spiked feet for increased grip on soft surfaces, and the included spike covers allow you to use the legs on hard/slippery surfaces. An integrated leg wrap/safety extends from the bottom of one leg and wraps around the legs when closed, keeping the legs together during transport or storage.

    Mono-Lock design allows you to lock and unlock the three sections of each leg using only one locking lever. The rotating lever provides a robust clamp mechanism that secures the legs and prevents them from slipping once locked. The single lever on each leg allows you to quickly lock the leg height without having to use two levers, making for a quicker workflow and sparing you from having to bend down to open a bottom leg lock to raise the legs.
    The legs feature spiked feet that provide solid purchase in soft surfaces, the included mid-level spreader allows you to use the legs on uneven surfaces, and the rubber feet allow you to shoot on hard/delicate surfaces.
  • EI-7004C Universal Middleweight Tripod Dolly with Locking Wheels

    The EI-7004C Universal Middleweight Tripod Dolly from E-Image opens and locks into place with a retaining screw, and supports payloads up to 132 lb. It can hold tripods with dual-spiked feet in place with rubber tabs near each wheel. The dolly also features a sliding bracket on each of the arms for holding flat-footed tripods. These brackets can be positioned almost anywhere along the arms of the dolly and locked into place, and can be adjusted in size to accommodate any style of rubber tripod foot.

    Fits both dual-spiked and flat-footed tripods, including all E-Image tripods
    Universal foot anchor slides along arm and locks in place for best positioning
    Integrated handle for easy transport
    Single-twist knob for locking arm position
    Individually-locking 4″ wheels