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The Wendt X5 portable field mixer is designed to provide the flexibility expected during the most demanding recording applications. Whether an ENG application, audio for film, documentary, audio for video application or sound effects recording, the mixer’s 5 balanced XLR mic or line level switchable inputs provide flexible, reliable routing for the task at hand.

All 5 microphone inputs of the X5 feature 3-position phantom power switches capable of sending 48V or 12T power to condenser microphones. Each channel features an independent rotary level control and PFL momentary switch which allows pre-fader listening via the monitor out. A 3-position low frequency roll-off switch is located on each channel, allowing frequency roll-off at 20Hz, 100Hz and 140Hz.

The output section features a pair of XLR Male balanced connectors that are independently mic or line level switchable. A pair of mini XLR(TA3-M) connectors also output mic or line level signal and a 3.5mm(1/8″) Stereo Mini jack is available for feeding a microphone level signal to camcorders and smaller portable recording devices.

A 1/4″ headphone with independent volume control is also provided on the X5. The 3-position headphone matrix switch allows monitoring in Mono, Stereo or Mid/Side modes, and an internal stereo limiter eliminates peaking and audio overload on output. Dual 3.5mm tape return inputs allow audio from 2 playback devices to be monitored through the mixer, and a multi-pin link connection allows multi unit operation.

The X5 offers a very high level of flexibility and long term professionalism to the long term professional.

Flexible 5 Channel Configuration
The Wendt X5 features 5 balanced XLR microphone inputs, providing plenty of routing options for any remote recording application.
Multiple Output Options
The output section is equipped with stereo L/R balanced XLR and stereo L/R mini XLR(TA3-M), both mic or line level switchable. A stereo 3.5mm mini jack output feeds mic level audio to camcorders and smaller recording devices.
Selectable Monitoring Modes
A 1/4″ headphone output features independent level control and PFL monitoring on each channel. A 3-position switch enables Stereo, Mono or Mid/Side monitoring.
Flexible Powering Options
The mixer is powered via 8 x AA alkaline batteries for up to 15 hours. Provisions for external powering are also provided.
Stereo Tape Returns
Dual stereo 3.5mm tape returns marked “A” and “B” allow signal input from playback devices.