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A little about us

Glikson’s Team
Ariel Glikson | Founder

Glikson Camera Rental House (formerly known as Red-Rental) is an operating Camera rental house in Israel. Which supply: Camera equipment, Lighting equipment, Sound equipment, Grip equipment & on location Equipment for Television video and Film productions.

The founder of Glikson Camera Rental House is Ariel Glikson, A Graduate of Sapir University in Film Studies. While a student, Ariel filmed over six Graduation projects in Video & 16 mm film. Soon After ending his higher education Ariel Glikson began working in the Israeli television and film industry as First Camera man in Feature Films and Television Commercial.  And later as time went by and Experience grew, Ariel played a role as Head of Cinematography in Various Video Production for Film & Television.

In 2007, the RED Camera came in to the video world constituted a revolution in the local and global industry. Ariel was one of the first in Israel to bring the revolutionary machine – Offering camera rental use, guidance, Support & Improvements to the Israeli Production Needs. Since then, Glikson hasn’t Stopped innovating and growing. A Prophet and An Early adopter of all Cinema related Patents and Gadgets.

Glikson holds in high regards Efficiency, Spotless Quality in equipment and above all Customer Satisfaction Oriented Service.