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New Exclusive Products at Glikson Camera Rental Israel

Updated: Nov 27, 2022


The Mimic is yet another revolutionary device, made by FreeFly Systems who brought us two years ago the MoVi. It is absolutely the most intuitive remote control system out there. You move the Mimic, and the MoVi moves in perfect sync. It’s that simple – and that perfect!

Have a look at a test run we had next door. I hold the Mimic, Omer is holding the MoVi M5, Chomsky is in charge of the focus and Yoni is the lead star. I do all the operating from the ground floor while Omer is strolling behind Yoni all the way to the second floor and back.

Angenieux 28-70 f2.6 EF Mount Zoom Lens

Angenieux manufactures cinema zoom lenses, which are considered the best on the globe.

During the 90’s, Angenieux produced a few stills lenses with either Canon or Nikon Mounts.

Sadly, these lenses were too expensive in comparison to competing lenses, and its production was stopped after a few years.

We, at Glikson film equipment Israel, have two such lenses with the Canon EF mount (these are extremely rare!).

Everyone who works with this lens falls for it immediately, reporting a unique french look, beautiful colors, a pleasant contrast and a softness which brings back the magic to the cold harsh world of digital videography.

New Sliders

Tango Roller

I’ve been looking for a new quality slider for video cameras for quite some time. And so, I am very happy to present to you the Tango Roller. We have two sets of the Tango Rollers. One is 1.20m long, and the other is 2.20m long. Both of them have floor level legs, main connection to a tripod, two monopod legs for extra support at the ends, a 100mm bowl which fits most standard tripod heads and massive tripod legs.

Manfrotto Slider

A new slider from the excellent Manfrotto, 1m long.

A lightweight slider made of quality materials, with relatively big wheels which insure smooth movement and lasting durability.

A complete set with a tripod head high legs and floor level legs.

Floatcam HD-DC

If you’ve had experienced the Floatcam – you’d know it’s the best slider there is. Period!

Thanks to an exclusive development of a counter weight that slides along the slider, both sides are constantly and perfectly balanced at all times. This creates a smooth gentle glide, with no need for extra supports.

The Floatcam is a four-in-one product, enabling you to glide your camera horizontally, diagonally, completely vertically, and as a mini Jib.

The Slider is 1.80m long, and fits every camera up to 16kg.

Zacuto Gratical HD OLED EVF

The new Zacuto viewfinder is considered the cutting edge of viewfinders technology: an OLED monitoring in 1280×720 resolution, HDMI & SDI inputs and outputs, and the perk of converting from HDMI signal to SDI. It’s an excellent choice for working with DSLR cameras, cameras with no viewfinder (such as the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera), or cameras with an uncomfortable located viewfinder for shoulder shooting (such as the Canon C300).

The Zacuto Gratical HD has all the professional features.

  1. 24-Bit RGB 1280 X 720 Resolution

  2. Zebra, Vectorscope, Waveform, Histogram

  3. Peaking, False Color, Test Pattern

  4. LUT Creation and Import

  5. Audio Meters

  6. Four Programmable Buttons

Read the review by Dan Chung News Shooter.

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