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Exotic French made Angenieux 28-70mm f2.6 AF in Canon EF mount o
Most photographers have given praise for its IQ and performance of this rare Angenieux zoom.
Pros: For portrait or still life it has the absolute perfect color palette neither too warm or cool and perfect softness not too (clinical) sharp.
Usability: Headshots, Fashion, Portrait, Macro, Still life, Landscape , Product, Commercial Characteristics: very typical of French Angenieux prime lenses and zooms both still photography and motion picture cine lenses, "classic painterly French pastel colors", medium contrast, medium to high lens flare...ect. I have seen a very similar look in French cinematography. :)
Cons: Price, super rare zoom. A white buffalo is easier to find than this lens. Weatherproof/Durability: Horrible. Scratches and dings very very easily because of the early plastic made design barrel (1980s) , not weather proof sealed at all (like modern Canon lenses). Vulnerable to shock. Very vulnerable to dust, sand, water and humidity. Basically a "studio" lens or outdoors on a perfect day (no rain/snow/sand...) Prone to lens flare but may be OK if you like the look.
The ONLY professionals I have found anywhere using this lens besides me and a few stills photographers were... believe it or not ....cinematographers / videographers! It happens that Angenieux (because of their motion picture design background) designed the zoom, focus, and iris that are all the correct direction for cinema so they shoot this on HD cinema including Canon HD cameras.
Angenieux no longer makes zooms for 35mm SLR cameras since the mid 1990s.
Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L zoom and the Angenieux zoom is about the same quality...but the bokeh and colour on this French zoom is very different.
I actually prefer the Angenieux for its unique look.
Its mint, has original lens hoods, filters
Written by: Rob H

Angenieux 28-70 f2.6 EF Mount

    • Rare, exotic french made lens
    • 35 mm, full frame
    • Classic painterly French pastel colors
    • True parfocal zoom
    • 16 elements in 4 groups

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