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  • The falconeyes RX-120TDX is giving a stunning 600W with just a single control box! Bi-Color Flexible Lighting,Color Temperature is 3000-5600k.
  • Bi-Color Flexible Lighting,Color Temperature is 3000-5600k.Operating Voltage:AC-110-240V
  • As tested by the Sekonic C-700, the LUX value reaches 32200 at 0.5m! And CRI acheived Ra 97 with 5600K, while 3000K has reached Ra 98.3
  • RX-120TDX version is implanted with DMX feature, with the DMX input and output ports, it can be connected to the DMX console to perform wide range of lighting effect. RX-TDX is also compatible with the RC-3T remote controller for 2.4GHz dimmer and color adjustment.
  • The new ROLL-FLEX LED light is developed with the latest SMD LED technology to perform roll-able and flexible movement through slim panel housing. It is handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as outdoor light source. The ROLL-FLEX comes in different sizes, power output, and tungsten to daylight setting, as well as different control systems, to aim for different types of film production.

Falcon Eyes RX-120TDX - LED Flex Light 120X120 Bi-Color

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