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The XEEN CF Pro Cine Lens Set, in an ARRI PL mount, features a lightweight carbon fiber housing and compact design while providing full frame coverage of large sensors. These lenses are advanced enough for use with large cameras capable of capturing up to 8K resolution, yet they are also compact for use with smaller mirrorless cameras and in drone and gimbal applications. Support for 8K allows the lenses to capture vivid details. Moreover, the lenses offer sharpness and color optimized for skin tone to capture subtle emotional expressions.
Aside from the reduction in weight, the innovative carbon fiber design provides a rich and modern look. A fast T1.5 aperture ensures low-light performance and an 11-blade iris allows you to achieve impressive bokeh, enabling you to create a sense of dimension and space. The lenses incorporate X-coating technology, which effectively controls the reflection of light inside and within the lens itself to create a distinctive look. Properly utilizing flares and ghosting, you can create dramatic effects.
A bidirectional scale and dual calibrated right- and left-side distance and T-stop scales allow for a more efficient workflow. Additionally, the markings are luminous for dark environments. The XEEN CF Pro Cine Lens Set offers a matching 95mm front diameter.

Key Features

  • Full frame cine lenses with a lightweight carbon fiber housing
  • Compatible with large image sensors with 8K capability
  • Compact enough for use with smaller cameras and use in gimbal and drone applications
  • T1.5 aperture
  • X-coating technology
  • 11-blade diaphragm
  • 95mm front diameter
  • Dual calibrated right- and left-side distance and T-stop scales
  • Luminous markings for dark environments
  • Smooth geared focus and aperture controls

XEEN CF Lens Set T1.5 Full Frame (Full Frame - PL Mount)

  • The set includes:
    16mm T1.5
    24mm T1.5
    35mm T1.5
    50mm T1.5
    85mm T1.5

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