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The Arri Matte Box MB-20 II is designed for light weight mini-rods. It's modular mounting options allow it to attach to most lenses as a clamp-on, or it can utilize standard 15mm support rods.
All of the MB-20 "Back End" accessories fit the MB-20 II, including the Clamp-On attachment Clamp rings and all of the bellows rings found on the MB-20 quick guide.
The biggest differences between the MB-20 and the MB-20 II is in the attachment mechanism between the actual plastic matte box and frame, and the attachment hardware for the eyebrows and side flags. The MB-20 uses the design from the MB-19 and the MB-20 II is an all new design.

ARRI MB-20II Mattebox

  • Features:
      • Designed for film and digital cameras
      • Works with wide angle HD zooms
      • Modular construction allows all mounting options
      • Offers up to three independently rotating filter stages
      • Accommodates a wide range of filter sizes
      • All filters can be individually rotated and locked off
      • Can be equipped with top, bottom, side flags and masks
      • Provides an upgrade path as wider HD lenses come to
    • Locking swing-away lens access
    • New patent-pending cage

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