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theEvent Handheld Rig With lowbase from Redrock Micro is a bundled kit designed to turn your tall professional DSLR (Canon 1D, Nikon D3S/ D4, etc.) into a professional video rig. This model is a stabilized rig designed with wedding, event, or photojournalism shooters in mind.
This version of theEvent features two handgrips and a microBrace body pad, for three points of contact (four with an optional LCD viewfinder). theEvent is designed to be held in front of your body so you can move fast, and quickly reposition the camera for high- or low-angle shots. It can be adjusted for your body and for your personal shooting style, with 6 lift-and-lock thumbscrews and nearly infinite ways to position the handgrips, body pad and camera.
theEvent also includes a pair of lightweight 15mm carbon fiber rods for adding a follow focus at any time. This setup gives you maximum stability and mobility with very low weight (The included lowBase baseplate is designed for use with tall professional DSLR camera bodies such as the Canon 1D series and Nikon D3S/D4, and is compatible with shorter camera bodies with battery grips such as the Canon 7D, 5D MKII/MKIII, Nikon D800/e, etc.).
  • Use this bundled kit to turn your tall DSLR camera into a professional video rig
  • A stabilized rig designed with wedding, event, or photojournalism shooters in mind
  • It features two handgrips, and a microBrace body pad
  • This setup is intended to afford maximum stability and mobility with a low overall weight

Redrock Handheld Rig

    • Video Rig for Tall DSLRs
    • Complete Bundle
    • Two-Grip Configuration
    • Quick-Release Baseplate
    • Customize with Accessories

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