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Introducing the New Atlas Mercury Series 1.5x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lenses.

Mercury Series is our brand new family of anamorphic lenses, designed to further connect cinematographers, directors, and filmmakers everywhere to the images they create.

We pushed the boundaries of the Mercury Series in optical and product design, balancing vintage character with modern sensor performance and designing these lenses to support every cinematographer in their lifelong pursuit of expressing their image-craft.

This is a lens made for making movies, with an undeniably cinematic quality the second you attach it to a camera, whether professional cinema camera or mirrorless via PL adapter.


Atlas Mercury Anamorphic 1.5x Full-Frame

    • The set includes 36, 42, 72 mm lenses
    • Full-frame sensor coverage with 1.5x anamorphic

    • Aperture range from T2.2 - T16

    • Lightweight and compact at half the size and weight of most pro anamorphic lenses

    • Exceptional optical performance with vintage geometric personality

    • Golden flares, pleasing barrel distortion, near-zero chromatic aberration

    • Standardized gears and diameters with 95mm front diameter

    • Arri PL mount

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