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The T Smart Adapter  for Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera fromMetabones allows a Canon EF or EF-S mount lens to be mounted onto a Sony E-mount camera. While doing so, the adapter is designed to support electronic communication between an attached camera and lens. If the lens includes autofocus, image stabilization, as well as camera-controlled aperture functions, this adapter is intended to allow those features to be used. If an attached lens is also capable of generating EXIF metadata when used with a directly compatible camera, the T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera is designed to allow that information to be saved along with image files generated with a combination of the lens, a Sony E-mount camera, and the adapter.

Canon EF to Sony E-Mount


    • Canon EF or EF-S Lens to Sony E Body
    • Third Party EF or APS-C EF to Sony E
    • Supports Electronic Communication
    • Enables Use of Lens Autofocus
    • Enables Lens Aperture and Stabilization
    • Adapter Interior Minimizes Reflections
    • Locking Mechanism to Secure Lens
    • Push-Button Lens Release
    • Brass Mounting Rings
    • Detachable Tripod Foot

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