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The Shoulder Pad System Package With Dual Handgrips from Cavision is designed for use with miniDV video cameras. The dual handgrips and lightweight construction (ABS material + aluminum rods and camera plate) enhance handheld operation and reduce camera jitter. This system makes operating and moving the camera nearly effortless, with the weight distributed from your arms and wrists to your shoulder. The support is adjustable to fit different shoulder widths, and the universal 15mm rod system allows the use of most accessories available in this category.
Longer rods connection piece provides more flexibility
Constructed primarily out of ABS material to reduce weight
Aluminum rods are lightweight and durable
Aluminum camera plate for extra strength
Camera plate bracket has 1/4" and 3/8" bottom threads for tripod mounting
Adjustable to fit different shoulder widths
Rods connector adjustable for personalized configuration
Universal 15mm rods system for use with other accessories

Cavision Shoulder Pad & Handgrips

    Longer Rods Connection Piece
    ABS Material to Reduce Weight
    Aluminum Rods
    Aluminum Camera Plate
    1/4" and 3/8" Tripod Threads
    Adjustable Shoulder Widths
    Adjustable Rods Connector
    Universal 15mm Rods System

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