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Convergent Design's Odyssey7Q+ is a monitor/recorder that provides all of the features and functionality of the Odyssey7Q but adds support for 4K recording over HDMI. It features a 7.7", 1280 x 800, OLED, touchscreen display with a 3400:1 contrast ratio, true blacks, and advanced image analysis tools, including waveform, histogram, false color, and built-in display LUTs. Out-of-the-box, the Odyssey7Q+ can record up to 4K/UHD in the compressed Apple ProRes 422 HQ format or up to 2K/1080p using the uncompressed DPX file format. Additionally, it supports several RAW recording options for ARRI, Canon, Sony, and POV cameras, which are available for purchase or rental from Convergent Design's website.
The Odyssey7Q+ has two 3G-SDI inputs, two 3G-SDI outputs, and two bi-directional 3G-SDI connectors which can be assigned as either inputs or outputs via menu selection. It also has a 4K-capable HDMI input and an HDMI output that supports up to 1080p30 4:2:2. Most of the inputs/outputs are on the bottom of the monitor, with 1/4"-20 mounting threads on the sides. Dual SSD slots are provided for recording video to Convergent Design Premium 2.5" SSDs, which offer high speeds, reliability, and power-loss protection. An AC adapter is included for powering the device, with optional battery plates available. Also included is a 36" Micro HDMI to HDMI cable and a HDMI to Mini HDMI adapter, useful for using the Odyssey7Q+ with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with Micro HDMI outputs.
For a limited time, the Odyssey7Q+ includes two free 256GB Convergent Design SSDs.

Key Features

  • 7.7", OLED, 8-bit, touchscreen panel
  • 1280x800 resolution
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • 3400:1 contrast ratio, true blacks
  • HD/2K/UHD/4K recording over HDMI or SDI
  • 2x 3G-SDI inputs, 2x 3G-SDI outputs, 2x bi-directional inputs (switchable between inputs or outputs in menu)
  • Supports Single, Dual, and Quad Link formats
  • HDMI input: up to 1080p60 4:2:2, up to 30 fps in UHD (3840x2160), and up to 24 fps in 4K (4096x2160)
  • HDMI output: up to 1080p30
  • Output downscaling
  • Includes Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Uncompressed DPX recording formats
  • RAW Recording options available for purchase or rental through Convergent Design's website (Sony RAW, Canon RAW, ARRIRAW, POV Raw)
  • 2 channels of embedded audio, 48kHz, 24-bit
  • ARRI, Canon, and Sony LUT Support
  • Image analysis tools (Waveform, Histogram, False Color, etc.)
  • Lightweight magnesium chassis

Included Recording Options

Compressed Formats:
4K/UHD 10-bit YCC 4:2:2 up to 30fps in Apple ProRes 422 HQ
2K/1080p 10-bit YCC 4:2:2 up to 60fps in Apple ProRes 422 HQ
1080i 10-bit YCC 4:2:2 up to 60i in Apple ProRes 422 HQ
720p 10-bit YCC 4:2:2 up to 60fps in Apple ProRes 422 HQUncompressed Formats:
2K/1080p RGB 10/12-bit 4:4:4 up to 30fps in DPX file format
1080p RGB 10-bit 4:4:4 up to 60fps in DPX file format

Record Options for Purchase or Rental

ARRIRAW (16:9) up to 60fpsCanon C500
4K (4096x2160) RAW up to 60fps
UHD (3840x2160) RAW up to 60fps
4K "Half-RAW" up to 120fpsSony FS RAW
4K RAW up to 60fps
4K RAW 120fps burst
2K RAW up to 240fps
"4K24K" 4K RAW to 4K Apple ProRes 422 HQ up to 30fps
"4K2HD" 4K RAW to HD Apple ProRes 422 HQ up to 60fps
POV 2K 10-bit RAW
POV HD 10-bit RAW
POV HD 12-bit RAW
Note: ARRIRAW above 30fps, Canon RAW 50/60fps, and Sony FS 2K RAW 200fps and 240fps require two SSDs

Record Triggers

SDI record trigger (ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Sony)
HDMI (with compatible cameras)

Image Analysis Tools

Display LUTs — ARRI Log-C, Canon C-Log, Sony S-Log, S-Log2, S-Log3
Focus Assist — Video + Edges (Peaking), Edges Only, Enhanced Edges, user choice of color: Red, Green, or Blue
Waveform— Luma only, RGB Parade, Red only, Blue only, Green only, Full Size and Compact Size options
Histogram — Luma only, RGB Parade, Red only, Blue only, Green only, Full Size and Compact Size options
False Color — 5 programmable levels
Zebras — Adjustable exposure indicators
Pixel Zoom — 1:1 and 2:1 Pixel Zoom with moveable image
Aspect Ratio Guides — Standard and Custom (user adjustable), may be used for framing guides, Horizontal/Vertical framing guides available

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+

    • 7.7" 1280x800 OLED Touchscreen Monitor
    • 2x 256GB Convergent Design SSDs Included
    • HD/2K/UHD/4K Recording over HDMI or SDI
    • ProRes 422 HQ & Uncompressed DPX Formats
    • 4K-Capable HDMI Input, 1080p HDMI Output
    • 3G-SDI Inputs/Outputs
    • Waveform, Histogram, False Color
    • ARRI, Canon, and Sony Display LUTs

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