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Two decades have passed since we acquired our first Lomo Cinema lenses

From the very first moment, we fell in love with their unique optics, their ability to create dreamy, colorful, and magical images. I'm proud to see that despite all the technological advancements in photography, Our Lomo lenses are still here to stay

I invite you to watch a video clip that was shot in March 2024 and experience the magic for yourselves


שירה זלוף - פעם יחזור


Photographer - Omer Weis, Director - Tamar Goren

Lyrics/Music - Shira Zolof, Efo Lakmor, Guy Kopelman

Lomo Prime Lenses Set (Super 35 - PL Mount)

    • 18, 22, 28, 35, 50, 75, 100, 200mm Lenses
    • Compatible with 35mm camera
    • Fast Maximum Aperture of T2.2
    • PL mount, Focus & Iris gear 0.5

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