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The Sachtler 0750 FSB-8T Tripod System with Speed Lock 75 Tripod is a tripod system featuring the FSB-8T fluid head. This kit consists of a fluid head, tripod, spreader and carry case. This system offers Sachtler quality in a complete tripod system.

Fluid Head

The Sachtler FSB-8T is a fluid head designed to work with a variety of camcorders up to 9kg.


The Sachtler 4588 Speed Lock 75 carbon fiber tripod with 75mm levelling bowl supports up to 44.1 lb (20kg). Speed Lock tripods feature traditional dual-tube design with a twist- three leg clamps instead of six for rapid setup to catch fast breaking news.

Mid-Level Spreader

The Sachtler mid-level spreader offers stability in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It comes with rubber feet for the tripod and is specially designed for the tripod legs.

Soft Case

A padded bag is offered with this kit for secure transport.

Sachtler 8

  • Product Highlights
    • FSB-8T Fluid Head
    • Speed Lock 75 Tripod
    • Mid-Level Spreader
    • Soft Case
    • 20 lbs Capacity

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