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The Chrosziel AC-206-50S is a follow focus unit designed to be used with a wide variety of lightweight HDSLRs and camcorders, including the Canon XH-A1/G1 and Panasonic AG-HVX200. The unit allows users to gain precision focus which can be very useful in a variety of applications, including shooting dramatic content.
Note! For cameras without an integrated focus ring, such as the Canon XH-A1, the optional AC-206-30 Flexi Gear Ring is required.

Precise Focus

The Chrosziel HDV Follow Focus facilitates precise repeatable focus pulls. With virtually no backlash, the Chrosziel follow focus is designed to match your every move with precision.

Precise Focus Repeatability

Autofocus or electronic focus control cameras limit repeatability for focus pulling. The ingenious and elegant design of the Chrosziel VariLock solves the limitations of an autofocus or electronic focus control camera.Equipped with a unique set of mechanical stops, the VariLock makes precise repeatability possible.

Gear Pitch

The unit comes standard with a 0.8 pitch gear drive.

Single-Sided Operation

The Chrosziel Follow Focus is accessible to the operator on one side of the camera.

Focus Scale

Easy markings on the Focus Scale offer control of focus points.

  • Mounts onto 15mm support rods
  • Positionable indicator
  • Focus lever for faster & longer movement of focus wheel
  • Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive

Chrosziel Follow Focus

  • Product Highlights
    • For HDV and HDSLR Cameras
    • With VariLock Wheel
    • Precise Repeatability
    • Includes Standard 0.8 Pitch Gear Drive

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